Grow Systems provides web design, development, consulting and integration services.

We deliver awesome web development and integration services for organizations. We're specialists in making complicated web launches go smoothly, localizing marketing content, and keeping marketing and informational web sites secure.

The Grow SDK is almost certainly the best way for teams to build, launch, and organize websites, together.

The Grow SDK is a rapid, collaborative, and social way to build and launch web sites. It works great for both teams and for individuals. It's simple and nimble, neither "cloud" nor "local", and neither "managed" nor "decentralized". You can develop everywhere, and launch anywhere. The mission is to bring joy to web site production.

It's also an open source project and is released under the MIT License, making it easy for your organization to adopt without worrying about licensing issues.

It is under heavy development. The best way to learn more is to read the introductory blog post or to download the data sheet.

Who's behind this?

Jeremy Weinstein. Jeremy worked for over five years as an engineer on Google's webmaster team. Before that, he worked for ResComp at the University of California, Berkeley doing something similar, but at a fraction of the scale!

Send an email or use Google+ if you'd like to get in touch. Grow Systems is based in San Francisco.